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55+ Best Harry Potter Nail Art Ideas

If your childhood is spend by growing up reading about J.K. Rowling and you are die- hard fan of Harry Potter then you must love these nail art designs. There is nothing more important than the magical world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter nails include scenes from the books/films, pictures or silhouettes of characters. . If you’re a fan of the boy wizard then you must be going to love these exclusive magical Harry Potter inspired nails. Here we have collected awesome 50 nail art design some are easy, you can do it at your home. You can also visit a salon for incredible nail art ideas.

Harry Potter Nail Art Ideas

1) Adorable yellow hufflepuff nails via

2) Amazing harry potter death hollow nails via

3) Awesome red and yellow harry potter nail art via

4) Black and glittery grey nails with harry potter glasses, death hallow and lumos via

5) Blue gel nails with harry potter glasses via

6) Blue nails with suit and tie of harry potter via

7) Bright pink and white disney castle nails via

8) Charismatic harry potter nail art via

9) Chic disney land and harry potter nails idea via

10) Colorful nail art of harry potter theme via